Nitek, a manufacturer of data transmission products, is a Rolling Meadows, Illinois based company specialized in the research and development of unique products for the data transmission and security equipment market. Nitek has been developing and manufacturing products for the security industry since 1983.

The company currently is specialized in data transmission solutions for the use in a wireless, fiber, UTP and or coax network. The products are primarily used in closed circuit video and control system applications. The company is dedicated to provide useful products with a reputation for performance and reliability. The products of Nitek are designed to be exceptional in their capability to transmit information of the highest quality, highest speed, for the longest distances at the lowest possible cost. All products are made in the USA and meet the standards “CE” and “UL” standards. We produce our products lead-free and have a recycling program for our products. Nitek products are developed and manufactured in our own research and development department in the USA.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items